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Japanese collection box for coins. Keyaki (elm) wood. Meiji period. C.1890.
#DG 109

W 21cm
D 19cm
H 64cm
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Japanese shop display cabinet from Nagoya. Hinoki (cypress) and sugi (cedar) woods. Meiji period. Late 19th century.
#DF 05

L 144cm
D 38cm
H 150cm
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Kazqri Dana. Japanese display cabinet. Sugi (cedar) wood. C.1930.
#DG 24

W 106cm
D 36cm
H 90cm
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Saisen bako. An offering chest for donations from Rensho-Ji temple in Otsu. Hinoki (cypress) wood. Meiji period. Late 1800's.
#DE 356

W 39cm
D 62cm
H 40cm
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Japanese Buddhist prayer table made from keyaki (elm) wood. Meiji period. Late 19th century.
#DG 53

L  61cm
D 27cm
H 33cm
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Japanese 16 drawer shop storage cabinet. Sugi (cedar) and hinoki (cypress) woods. Meiji period. C.1880.
#DH 162

L 174cm
D 42cm
H 74cm
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Japanese sideboard from Yokohama. Keyaki (elm) wood.
#DH 477

L 191cm
D 45cm
H 76cm
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Japanese writing table made from hinoki (cypress) wood. Meiji period. C.1900.
#SB 82

L 61cm
D 44cm
H 31cm