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Tombo Co Pty Ltd

Oriental Antiques Japanese Textiles

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Asian Antique Furniture

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Tombo Asian Antique Furniture

At Tombo we stock a variety of antique furniture from Japan, China, Mongolia and Tibet. Our range of Chinese furniture is sourced mainly from the provinces to the north (Liaonjing, Jilin, Helionjian – collectively known as Dongbei) and to the west (Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai) where the design tends to be of a more simple, rustic nature. Generally constructed from elm wood or cypress, most pieces are between 100-150 years old and display the richness and character that only 100 plus years of constant use can achieve.

Pieces from Gansu and Qinghai provinces and from Mongolia and Tibet usually have beautifully painted finishes, that, over the decades, have worn and aged resulting in a look which is evocative of their history.

Japanese antique cabinetry has a beauty and simplicity of form that is not only unique in it's design, but has a timeless appearance that sees it blend seamlessly with any décor, whether it be traditional or modern.

Our range of stock includes sideboards, dining tables, coffee tables, benches, stools, side tables, bookcases, bedside cabinets and much more. Please click on the photos below to be taken to our photo galleries, but please note that these items may or may not be available as our stock is constantly changing with new shipments arriving regularly.

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Bedside Cabinets


Dining Tables & Benches


Chairs Benches Stools


Colourful Cabinets

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Painted Cabinets


Bookcases and Wardrobes

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Japanese Furniture

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Altar Tables


Entertainment Units